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xiamen easymandarin HSK Preparation Courses

HSK is the short form for Han Yu Shui Pin Kao Shi. It is a standardized test of Standard Mandarin Chinese Proficiency, which focuses on the language application ability of non-native speakers namely foreigner students, overseas Chinese and members of ethnic minority groups in China. HSK was first designed by Beijing Language University HSK center, including the Basic text, the Elementary/Intermediate text and the Advanced text. HSK now is hold both within and outside China regularly. Those who reached the required score will get the HSK certificate of the level.

Our intensive HSK courses will enhance your Chinese proficiency in reading, speaking, reading and writing area in order to help you to pass the text smoothly.

HSK Basic: for those who acquired basic Chinese ability, namely those who have received standard Chinese lessons for 100 to 800 hours (also applied to students having the same educational level).

HSK Elementary/Intermediate: for those who have acquired elementary and intermediate Chinese ability, i.e. who have received standard Chinese lessons for 400 to 2000 hours.

HSK Advanced: for those who have acquired advanced Chinese ability, i.e. those who have received standard Chinese lessons for more than 3000 hours.



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