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Learning mandarin(chinese) in xiamen easymandarin school!

1. How many people will be in my class?
The average class size is 3 to 4 students. The maximum number of students in one class is 5.

2. How do they know which level class to put me in?
Before registration, you are required to take a free pretest which will help us suggest you in the appropriate level.

3. What other courses are available?
We offer General Chinese, HSK preparation,Business Chinese,Chinese characters and Chinese culture courses. We also arrange plenty after class activities and weekend excursions, which provide even more opportunities for you to practice your Chinese and learn about the culture in China.

4. Do teachers speak English?
Teachers at Easy-Mandarin  are capable of speaking English, however, their teaching style is such that all classes even beginning are taught completely in Chinese. If you absolutely have to, it is ok to ask questions and confer with your teacher in English especially at the beginning of Elementary level.


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