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Corporation Training

As the mandarin training experts, we have a set of specialized training system and courses, and a

team specialized in corporation training, to satisfied the growing training demands from mass companies at home and abroad. We can not only offer the suitable courses, but also will provide the combination of business mandarin and special culture according to their needs. Up to now, we have provided quality services for many famous international corporations, such as Linde, GN resound, Samsung, Farco, Le Meridien hotel and etc., thus, we are proud of all of these.

Training Course: provide business mandarin course

Training material: provide appropriate material according to the mandarin level

Training Time: We have private and group class. We will provide flexible training time for private and group class. If there is any changes during the training, we will arrange it for you. For the class avenue, it can be either your company or our campus.

Study report and certificate: After the training course completed, we will provide a evaluation report and certificate from our teacher.

Training period: our standard course period is 40 hours, thus, in order to gain the most effective achievement, please according to our standard training period.

Training Fee: Training fee will be customized based on different training content, and the corporation will get discount.

Step one - requirement analysis

First of all, our senior course consultant will visit your company, and get to know the feature of the industry, the form of the learners, objective, and requirement, and we will provide a detailed training proposal based on your information.

Step two - entrance test

After the training proposal get approved, our course consultant will provide an entrance test for every student to exam their mandarin level,the course arrangements and materials will be according to the students' ability of language.

Step 3 - course design

According to the testing results and the needs of the customers, our course consultant will customize the suitable courses for you. Class time and places depend on the customers' needs.

Step 4 - sign contract

After all the contents have been approved by the clients, we will prepare the contract, and we will sign the contract if there is no disagreement.

Step 5 - teachers arrangement

We will select and arrange the apporiate teacher based on the different courses.

Step 6 - tracking service

Each class has attendance record, there will be a learning evaluation from the teacher regularly. Students also have the opportunity to reflect the lacking in teaching via our survey. Otherwise, our supervisor will come to listen to class during the training, observing the teacher's teaching performance.

Step 7 - study evaluation

We will have evaluation tests before, among, after the class to test the student's command of the language. Teacher will prepare the written report on the student's study advantage and also give student some suggestions.


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