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                                                      About us

Why us?

Learning mandarin, the easy way!

 EasyMandarin school is a professional Mandarin & Culture Learning Centre in Xiamen. We offer an easy and simple Chinese language learning experience as well as an enjoyable study atmosphere exploring Chinese culture.  We use an 'easy experience'teaching method, which emphasizes real Chinese experiences and interactions.

Chinese Teaching

Free Chinese level pretest and learning plan consulting

The course consultant will give you both oral and written tests (either in Chinese character or Pinyin) and accordingly provide you suggestions regarding your present Chinese level. Your personal learning plan will be based on your test results.

Teaching material

We select the most professional and enjoyable textbooks as the teaching material. Some of the materials are edited by our own staff. Handouts and multimedia are widely used in all classes. They add to the sheer Mandarin learning pleasure.


EasyMandarin  pays equal attention to both essential and practical skills. Our principle is to spread not only Chinese language competence but also Chinese culture knowledge and adjustment to all the students. Therefore, our Chinese culture classes are interwoven into the whole learning process. Furthermore, activities every day after class, ensure that the learning experience is effective, interesting, enjoyable, and comfortable for each student.

Learning mandarin(chinese) in xiamen easymandarin school!


  Learn Chinese Mandarin in Xiamen-Xiamen Easymandarin School